Elegant South Asian couple during their vibrant, traditional wedding ceremony.
Immortalize your South Asian wedding with stunning photography that captures every moment.

Experience the Magic of Indian Wedding Photography & Videography with CandleLight Studio

Unveil a world where every moment, emotion, and detail of your special day is captured with exquisite precision. Dive deep into the tapestry of love stories we’ve immortalized.

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In the dance of two souls uniting amidst vibrant colors, timeless rituals, and echoing laughter, there lies a story – your story. At CandleLight Studio, we don’t just capture photos and videos; we capture dreams, emotions, and moments that resonate for a lifetime.

Expertise Beyond the Lens

Every click, every frame, is a testament to our passion for capturing the unique essence of your special day. With our masterful approach to Indian and Western weddings, we promise to deliver more than just photos – we deliver memories.

Videography Specialties:

Our exclusive offers include tailored packages, pre-wedding shoots, and artistically designed albums to capture your special moments.

Wedding Bliss: Unforgettable Highlights

4K Cinematography

  • Cinematic Elegance: Relive the magic with our highlight reels.
  • Our documentary approach provides full-length videos that narrate the beautiful journey of your love story.
  • Aerial Brilliance: Stunning drone shots add a mesmerizing perspective.

Photography Highlights:

  • Candid Moments: Unscripted, pure, and heartfelt moments captured.
  • Rituals & Ceremonies: Every ritual, from the sacred to the celebratory, is beautifully framed.
  • Bridal & Groom Portraits: Showcasing the couple in their radiant splendor.
  • Family & Group Memories: Every smile and tear is a story.
Weddings Highlights on your mobile with our specially formatted videos.

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