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Discover the pinnacle of Indian wedding photography in NY, NJ, and TX. Entrust your special moments to our professional Indian photographers and relive the magic forever. Experience the magic of Indian wedding photography with CandleLight Studio. Relive every moment, every emotion, every tradition. Your dream wedding deserves the best shots.

Indian couple in traditional attire sharing a moment
Eternal Love: A moment frozen in time

Capturing the Essence of Your Special Day with Elegance & Tradition

Every moment of your wedding, from the intricate designs of Mehendi to the vibrant Sangeet dances, deserves to be immortalized. At CandleLight Studio, we don’t just take photos; we craft memories.

Indian Wedding Magic: A Cinematic Journey with CandleLight Studio

Dive into the vibrant world of Indian weddings as we capture love, laughter, and traditional moments.

Experience the magic of Indian weddings, from the first look to the final vow.

Indian Wedding Bliss: Unforgettable Highlights

Experience the vibrancy and emotion of Indian weddings through our specially crafted video highlights. #WeddingVideography #CinematicLoveStory #UnforgettableMoments

Indian Wedding Memories: Mobile-Ready Videos

Relive the rich cultural tapestry of Indian weddings on your mobile with our specially formatted videos.

A glimpse into the artistry and passion behind every wedding captured by Surinder Singh.

Why Choose a Local Indian Photographer?

Photo of a New York-based Indian couple gazing into each other's eyes.
The Big Apple Love Tale

Understanding Indian Wedding Traditions

Top Local Indian Wedding Photographers and Videographers: Book Now!

Indian weddings are a rich tapestry of customs, colors, and emotions. Only a photographer with a deep-rooted understanding of these traditions can capture the soul of such an event. Our photographers, well-versed in the intricacies of Indian ceremonies, ensure that every ritual – from the playful Joota Chupai to the emotional Vidaai – is captured with authenticity.

Texan Indian couple laughing together outdoors
Blissful Laughter under the Texan Sky

Tailored Approach to Every Ceremony

From Engagement to Wedding, Local Indian Photographers: Capturing Every Detail

No two Indian weddings are the same. The diversity of Indian cultures means every ceremony is unique. Our photographers adapt, ensuring they resonate with your specific traditions, whether Punjabi, Bengali, Gujarati, or South Indian. With Candlelight Studio, you can be assured that your wedding day will be captured with perfection and creativity.

New Jersey Indian couple sharing a whispered secret
Secrets, Smiles, and Saffron

Years of Experience with Indian Weddings

Find the Best Indian Photographers Near You in Houston, Texas

With experience comes expertise. Over the years, we’ve honed our skills, mastering the art of capturing the vibrancy, emotions, and essence of Indian weddings. Candlelight Studio is the go-to studio for Indian wedding photography and videography in New York, New Jersey and Houston, Texas. When you choose CandleLight Studio, you’re choosing a legacy of excellence.

Our Services

Indian couple against NYC skyline backdrop
Love Blooms in the City of Dreams

Indian Wedding Photography

Indian Wedding Photography Services Near You in New Jersey

  • Pre-Wedding Shoots: Begin your love story with captivating pre-wedding photos that capture your chemistry and excitement.
  • Candid Shots: Capture the spontaneous laughter, the stolen glances, and the heartfelt moments.
  • Traditional Portraits: Frame your special day’s beauty, elegance, and joy.
  • Mehendi and Sangeet Photography: Immortalize the fun, the dance, the colors, and the stories behind every stroke of henna.
  • Wedding Day Photography: Every laugh, every tear, every intricate detail – we ensure that no moment goes unnoticed on your special day.
Indian couple dancing on New York streets
Twirls, Tunes, and Taxi Cabs

Indian Wedding Videography

Top-Rated Indian Wedding Photographers and Cinematographers Near You in New York

  • Highlight Reels: Relive the magic of your wedding day in a short, captivating film.
  • Full-Length Wedding Films: Dive deep into every ceremony, every ritual, every dance move.
  • Dance and Ritual Videography: From the Baraat’s energy to the serenity of the pheras, every moment is cinematic.
  • Post-Wedding Shoots: Extend the celebrations with post-wedding photos that capture the joy of newlyweds.
  • Captivating Wedding Moments with CandleLight Studio’s mobile friendly YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels.
Indian couple with NYC's urban landscape
From Mumbai to Manhattan: A Love Tale

Wedding Photography Packages

Packages Tailored for Your Special Day

  • Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum Packages: Choose your needs.
  • Customizable Packages for Every Budget: Every couple deserves the best, regardless of budget.
  • Each package is tailored to your unique preferences, and our team is dedicated to exceeding your expectations.
  • Share your joy with loved ones through live streaming of your special moments.
  • Elevate Your Wedding Experience with Drone Flying Cameras

Let us know your vision, and we’ll make it a reality.

Unforgettable Memories: Explore Our Wedding Photography Packages
Preserve the magic of your special day with our meticulously crafted wedding photography packages.

Affordable Wedding Photography Packages

  • Our team of the best Indian wedding photographers and videographers in NYC, NJ, and TX brings years of expertise to offer you unbeatable prices.
  • Tailored Wedding Photo Albums
  • Are you worried about cookie-cutter albums? Fear not! We create unique wedding photo albums tailored specifically to your love story.
  • Cinematic Wedding Video Highlight Reels
  • Don’t settle for ordinary videos. Experience an unforgettable journey with our cinematic wedding video highlight reels.
  • Expertly Edited Full-Length Footage
  • Our expert editors craft full-length footage that captures every moment of your memorable event with precision and care.
  • Dynamic Titles, Special Effects, and Harmonious Music
  • Say goodbye to dull videos. Our edited videos feature dynamic titles, special effects, and music harmoniously paired with your event.
  • Live Stream Your Special Moments
  • In an era of social distancing, we let you share your joy with loved ones through live streaming of your special moments.
  • Elevate Your Wedding Experience with Drone Flying Cameras
  • Are you worried about missing out on unique angles? Our drone-flying cameras elevate your wedding experience to new heights.
  • Unleash the Full Potential of Your Memories
  • Don’t let your memories gather dust. Unleash their full potential with our expert services.
  • Complimentary Online Gallery: An Artistic Showcase
  • We don’t just capture moments; we curate an artistic online gallery to showcase the beauty of your wedding.
  • Make Your Wedding Unforgettable with CandleLight Studio
  • Are you worried about your wedding fading into the background? Make it unforgettable with CandleLight Studio.
  • Book Your Unforgettable Wedding Experience Now!
  • Don’t miss out on the chance to create unforgettable memories. Book your experience with us today.
  • Your Trusted Partner in Capturing the Magic of Your Love Story
  • Let Indian Photographers be your trusted partner in ensuring that every magical moment of your love story is captured.
  • Contact Us Today to Secure Your Date
  • Don’t delay securing your date. Contact us today to reserve your spot and ensure the most enchanting wedding photography experience.


BASIC Package

4 Hours of Digital Photography

All High-Resolution Photos without watermarks, Delivered Online

FREE UPLOAD of selected photos on the Internet


BRONZE Package

4 hours of High Definition Videography

UnEdited High Definition Video Footage Delivered Online

FREE UPLOAD of selected video clips on the Internet

Photos | Video

SILVER Package

4 Hours of Digital Photography and High Definition Videography

All High-Resolution Photos without watermarks, Delivered Online

UnEdited High Definition Video Footage Delivered Online

FREE UPLOAD of selected photos on the Internet

Photos | Video | Album

GOLDEN Package

4 Hours of Digital Photography and 4K Videography

1 Flush Mount Photo Album – size 12″x36″ (25 Pages/50 Sides) with Plexiglas Acrylic Cover

5~10 Minutes Video Highlights Reel

FULL Length Edited Video (Dynamic Titles, Special Effects, and Matching Songs), Delivered on USB Drive and Online

All High-Resolution Photos without watermarks, Delivered on USB Drive and Online

USB Drives are Playable on Smart TVs, Computers, Laptops, Tablets, etc., with USB input

Free Online Photo Gallery

FREE UPLOAD of selected photos and Video Highlights on the Internet


Scroll through a gallery of our best shots – each frame is a testament to our passion for storytelling through the lens. We believe every picture tells a unique story, and we are here to narrate yours creatively and gracefully.

Indian Wedding Photos Showcase

Dive into a visual journey of weddings we’ve immortalized. Each photo is a tale of love, tradition, and joy.

Video Highlights from Previous Weddings

Watch snippets of love stories we’ve had the privilege to document. Experience the magic before you choose.

Client Testimonials

Hear from Couples We’ve Worked With

  • Choosing CandleLight Studio was the best decision. They captured our wedding exactly how we dreamed. – Raj & Priya.
  • Our wedding film is a masterpiece. Every emotion, every moment, beautifully stitched together. – Ananya & Sahil.

Frequently Asked Questions about Photographers Near You

Why should I choose an Indian wedding photographer from CandleLight Studio?

At CandleLight Studio, our photographers deeply understand Indian wedding traditions. With years of experience, we ensure your special day is captured with authenticity, elegance, and a tailored approach.

What kind of wedding photography packages does CandleLight Studio offer?

CandleLight Studio offers diverse wedding photography packages ranging from Bronze to Platinum. We also provide customizable packages to cater to every budget, ensuring every couple gets the best.

How experienced are the photographers at CandleLight Studio?

Our photographers at CandleLight Studio have years of experience in Indian wedding photography. Their expertise ensures every moment, from candid shots to traditional rituals, is captured perfectly.

Discover top-tier Indian wedding photographers near you

Capture your day’s essence with elegance, tradition, and modern flair. Dive into CandleLight Studio’s expertise. At Indian Photographers Near You, we bring a touch of tradition, a splash of elegance, and a wealth of experience to Indian wedding photography. With a deep understanding of diverse cultures, a passion for storytelling, and two decades of expertise, we don’t just capture moments; we capture the essence of your special day.

Meet Surinder Singh: The Mastermind Behind CandleLight Studio

Featured Portrait of Indian Photographer Surinder Singh
Surinder Singh: Capturing the Essence of Indian Weddings

With over two decades dedicated to Indian wedding photography and videography, Surinder Singh is a paragon of industry excellence. A proud alumnus of St. John’s University, New York City, Surinder’s vast experience spans over 1600 weddings across regions like Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens, NY, New Jersey, and Houston, Texas.

Recognized by esteemed associations like the American Wedding Group (AWG) and the Professional Photographers of America (PPA), Surinder’s collaborations with iconic entities like David’s Bridal and Wedding Bug showcase his unparalleled stature. His work has been featured in leading publications such as The Knot and Maharani Weddings. However, the heartfelt testimonials from countless couples truly reflect his passion and dedication.

As the owner and lead photographer of CandleLight Studio, Surinder’s offerings extend beyond traditional photography. From drone coverage to live streaming and meticulous editing, every service is designed to encapsulate your special day’s raw emotions and authenticity. His passion for capturing the essence of love stories and his deep-rooted respect for Indian traditions makes every photograph a masterpiece. Under his guidance, CandleLight Studio has become a beacon of professionalism, creativity, and authenticity in NY, NJ, and TX. When you choose us, you’re not just getting a service but becoming part of the CandleLight family.

Ready to craft memories that stand the test of time? Trust Surinder Singh and the CandleLight Studio team to make your wedding a visual masterpiece. Reach out directly at [email protected] or click here to view his complete profile.

Your Dream Wedding, Our Lens

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Let that step be a memory beautifully captured by CandleLight Studio. Our commitment is to photograph your wedding and craft a timeless story you’ll cherish forever.

Ready to turn your dream into reality?

Warm regards, Surinder Singh & The CandleLight Studio Team