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At CandleLight studio, Indian Wedding Photographers Near Me will capture the love story with attention to every detail.

Cinematic Style Videos by Reliable Indian Videographer Near Me

The Best Ways to Find Local Indian Photographer Near Me who will Match My Style and Personality and has Creative Insights into Indian Wedding Photography.

Wedding Films by Indian Videographer Near Me | CandleLight Studio. Drone Photography by The Best Desi Indian Videographers Near Me

We are the Best Desi Indian Photographer for Your Upcoming Wedding Day | Indian Wedding Photographers Near Me | CandleLight Studio

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Indian Wedding Photographers Near Me for Best Photography

The world is a stage – and your wedding day is the best show on it!

Why should I choose Indian wedding photographers near me for my big day?
Having a wedding photographer near you is more affordable, practical, and personal. You can collaborate more closely with a local wedding photographer before, during, and after your wedding.

Candlelight Studio’s professional wedding photographers understand traditional cultures. We ensure that we will capture your special moments beautifully. We offer several packages, giving you a broad range of choices from the most affordable to the most comprehensive wedding photography services possible.

In addition to our wedding packages, you can get professional wedding portraits done at a park or your home before or after the wedding. Intimate Wedding Photography is a lovely way to commemorate the big event in advance or after the fact, and it leaves you with more time to enjoy your wedding day.

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically transformed the wedding industry, with intimate and virtual weddings becoming the new normal. Our professional videographer will provide Live Streaming of your events in Real-Time. So your family and friends from around the world are virtually attending your Wedding and sharing your joy.

Before the Wedding: CandleLight Studio Wedding Photographers Document the Preparations

One of our favorite parts of any wedding day is the morning of the nuptials. These are special times with parents and the bridal party as each partner gets dressed in their finest wedding attire. We can arrange to have our wedding photographers present at each of your homes, capturing those oh-so-special moments before getting married to the love of your life.

Our photography packages are the best for these reasons:

Why Are Our Wedding Photography Packages and Prices the Best?

Relive Your Special Moments Forever:

From bridal portraits and engagement photos to posed wedding photos of the bride and groom, wedding party, and family members, CandleLight Studio will Capture the Moment and Memories to Last a Lifetime!

  • Our wedding photography packages and prices are reasonable, and our reasoning is priceless:
  • We offer the best value packages at affordable pricing for every budget
  • Wedding Photography to Immortalize Your Unique Moments
  • Wedding Videography that will Connect Each Fabric of Your Story the Right Way
  • 5~10 Minutes Video Highlights Reel with Special Effects and Matching Songs
  • Elegant Wedding Photo Album to Preserve Your Favorite Memories for Generations to Cherish
  • Drone Coverage of Your Unique Love Story in Motion
  • Live Streaming of Wedding Events, so your family and friends from around the world are virtually attending your Wedding
  • All High-Resolution Photos without watermarks, Delivered on USB Drive and Online
  • FREE UPLOAD of selected photos and Video Highlights on the Internet


BASIC Package

4 Hours of Digital Photography

All High-Resolution Photos without watermarks, Delivered Online

FREE UPLOAD of selected photos on the Internet


BRONZE Package

4 hours of High Definition Videography

UnEdited High Definition Video Footage Delivered Online

FREE UPLOAD of selected video clips on the Internet

Photos | Video

SILVER Package

4 Hours of Digital Photography and High Definition Videography

All High-Resolution Photos without watermarks, Delivered Online

UnEdited High Definition Video Footage Delivered Online

FREE UPLOAD of selected photos on the Internet

Photos | Video | Album

GOLDEN Package

4 Hours of Digital Photography and 4K Videography

1 Flush Mount Photo Album – size 12″x36″ (25 Pages/50 Sides) with Plexiglas Acrylic Cover

5~10 Minutes Video Highlights Reel

FULL Length Edited Video (Dynamic Titles, Special Effects, and Matching Songs), Delivered on USB Drive and Online

All High-Resolution Photos without watermarks, Delivered on USB Drive and Online

USB Drives are Playable on Smart TVs, Computers, Laptops, Tablets, etc., with USB input

Free Online Photo Gallery

FREE UPLOAD of selected photos and Video Highlights on the Internet

Indian Wedding Videography by CandleLight Studio – Your Indian wedding is going to be one of the most memorable days of your life. It’s that unforgettable day where you commit to one another in front of friends and family. You’ll want to relive those moments forever – but your Indian wedding day can feel like a blur. With so much going on and all the family emotions involved, it’s easy to forget some of the most treasured parts of your wedding ceremony and reception. That’s why you may want to hire an Indian videographer to capture it all.

Indian Wedding Photography by CandleLight Studio – You will hire many talented vendors for your Indian wedding, and each one provides an undeniably valuable service. However, one of your most essential vendors is your wedding photographer. This person will capture your big day in all its glory and give you memories that you’ll treasure forever. Make sure you take the time to do your wedding photography homework and find a great Indian photographer who matches your style and personality.

  • Indian Videographers Near Me are a passionate visual storyteller who loves preserving precious moments in a creative and artistic way.
  • Innovative Indian Videographer specializing in Local and Destination wedding cinematography.
  • Wedding Trailers and Teasers

The Best Indian Wedding Video Highlights in NY, NJ, and TX

How are Weddings of various nationalities and religious backgrounds benefited by our videography services?

  • Our wedding cinematographer is devoted to capturing your special moment
  • We will document your love story with our customized videography packages
  • We will capture Your special day using our advanced cinematic video skills
Wedding Highlights Reel – Live Streaming of your wedding ceremony by Indian Videographers Near Me | CandleLight Studio

Best Video Highlights and Indian Wedding Photography Near Me

Best Indian Wedding Videography in Edison NJ

A professional videographer and photographer gives excellent memory and makes you enjoy your special day. The memories will never fade away, and you will be able to show your kids and grandkids photos and videos of the most important day of your life.

Having a photographer and videographer filming the wedding couple taking vows and all celebrated traditions will never get old. It is up to you if you hire a professional photographer or a friend who is passionate about it. Either way, at the end of the day, you will be happy to know that someone was there for you to catch all the special moments.

When seeking a wedding photographer you need someone whose portfolio speaks for itself. We hope that your special day is as relaxing, heartfelt, and as fun as possible. We believe the person capturing should be contributing to that positive experience.

Indian Wedding Photography in Hicksville NY

Wedding Video Highlights – Unobtrusive wedding videography by Indian Wedding Videographer Near Me | CandleLight Studio

NYC Wedding Photographers for Wedding Trailers and Teasers

Top Indian Videographers in Long Island NY

CandleLight Studio is one of the premier Wedding Photographers and Videographers in NYC, New Jersey, and Houston, Texas. From engagements through weddings, CandleLight Studio’s photographers and videographers can capture your most intimate and joyful moments and keep them fresh for you forever.

With first-class equipment, experienced photographers and videographers, and the finest in editing, CandleLight Studio can present to you the finest in wedding albums and engagement and wedding videos. All done with a smile and the satisfaction of knowing you are happy with the results.

We are the best Wedding Photographers and Videographers in NYC, New Jersey, and Houston, Texas. Our prices are affordable for any budget.

Top Indian Videographers in New Jersey NJ

Professional filmmaking and cinematography by Indian Wedding Videographers Near Me | CandleLight Studio

Best Wedding Reels by Indian Wedding Photographers Near Me

Top Indian Wedding Videographers Brooklyn NY

Indian weddings are always one-of-a-kind. We are experienced Photographers in New York City, New Jersey, and their surrounding areas who can capture these special occasions and preserve the beautiful memories from this day.

Indian weddings are the glorious foundation of tradition and culture upon which your new family will thrive. When it comes to the intricacies of your special ceremony, you need a specialized wedding photographer.

Surinder Singh is a culturally sensitive professional Indian Wedding Photographer experienced in photographing and video capturing weddings and events of various nationalities and religious backgrounds. He knows which events must be captured and creates memories of a lifetime through capturing every moment of your day.

Indian Videographers in New York City NYC

Best Indian Wedding Photographers in New Jersey, New York, TX

How are Weddings of various nationalities and religious backgrounds benefited by our photography services?

Anand Karaj Ceremony and Sikh Punjabi Wedding Photography
Sikh Punjabi Wedding Photography of Anand Karaj

Sikh Punjabi Wedding Photography Videography NYC, NJ, and TX

Indian Wedding Photographer in Flushing NY

Sikh Wedding Photography and Punjabi Wedding Videography Services by Candlelight Studio

Being in the same community, we’re familiar with all rituals in the Sikh nuptial. We can beautifully capture the natural shots when the bride’s father offers ‘Tikka’ on the groom’s forehead. Equally, we document the bride’s delight when she wears the ornate stole–Chunni.

We let you go on with your wedding processes and unobtrusively videotape evergreen memories. Even we let the Sikh bride do not notice when we have taken such shots. She often recalls her memories on Mehndi, Chura, & Vatnaa like occasions we have captured silently.

The same goes for the Sikh groom. We amaze and surprise him when we show fantastic photos; we took on enthralling flashes from ‘Sehra Bandi’ or ‘Roka Thakka. We never miss tasty ‘Dinner’ joyous ‘Bhangra’ occasions when many unexpected things happen to laugh, admire, and recall. CandleLight Studio delivers high-quality photography and videography moments that capture the meaning and magic of your special day.

Indian Photographers in Ozone Park NY

Memorialize Your Church Wedding Photography
Welcome to My Passion for Church Wedding Photography

NJ Wedding Photographers for Church Wedding Photography in NY

Top Indian Wedding Videographers Brooklyn NY

Church Wedding Photography and Christian Wedding Videography by Candlelight Studio

From traditional Indian weddings to western-style church ceremonies, we photograph every event. We take the challenge of incorporating cultural elements into your bridal portrait sessions. We never miss the emotionally thrilling scenes that usually occur during Vow, receptions, and dance parties.

CandleLight Studio provides cinematography to capture moments of the couple’s dedication and the marital mass process in the church. It is a monumental day full of love and affection.

There is a lot of similarities in Catholic & Protestant Christian marriages. We make Church wedding photography and videography a life-long memory for Christian Grooms and Christian Brides.

The elegance of St. Patrick’s Cathedral Church wedding ceremony, shinning white gown, and the 3-tiered cake- these elements in our photography have filled Bride and Groom’s heart with delight. We have a perfect sense of beauty, and we pick the suitable scenes to click photos.

Best Indian Photographers Manhattan NYC

Traditional Muslim Wedding Photography
Capturing the Memories of Muslim Wedding Photography

New Jersey Photographer for Best Muslim Wedding Photography

Indian Wedding Photography in Connecticut CT

Muslim Wedding Photography and Videography Services by Candlelight Studio

CandleLight spreads the beauty that is in each culture around, showing customs and rituals. We photograph your Muslim wedding ceremony to celebrate the most important day of your life. To capture every detail you will remember for years to come.

Like each religion, Muslim or Mohammedi followers have unique religious traditions. It means the core wedding processes (Nikah & Valima) remain almost the same across the globe. However, regional differences in dress code, feast, and rituals are at significant to subtle levels. Luckily, we have passed through most variations during our Muslim wedding photography and videography opportunities.

Our experiences with Indian Muslim diversity in terms of culture and traditions are rich. We know subtle differences in marriage rituals and practices based on regions. No matter where the bride or groom is from, we reflect their culture through our photographs and videos. We will document your love story with our customized wedding packages.

Top Indian Videographers in New Jersey NJ

Engagement Weddings and Events Photography by Surinder Singh

Meet Surinder Singh Professional Indian Wedding Photographer

What are the benefits of hiring CandleLight Studio for wedding photography of various nationalities and religious backgrounds?

  • Wedding photography keeps your memories alive for generations to cherish, but it doesn’t have to cost a fortune.
  • CandleLight Studio has several affordable wedding videography and photography packages available, and we offer something for every budget.

Surinder Singh specializes in shooting traditional South Asian and Modern Western Weddings. South Asian Brides and soon-to-be couples love their outstanding photographs provided by photographer Surinder Singh.

Marriages are made in heaven, but weddings are celebrated on earth. CandleLight studio photographers capture those precious moments, memories of family and friends coming together to bless the newlywed couple.

Weddings are full of anticipation, excitement, and, of course, anxious moments. There are so many things to plan and think about, so let CandleLight Studio help you by taking one thing off your plate – pictures, and videos. With over 1,100 shoots and sessions under our belt, rest assured we will capture your wedding photography in vivid detail for generations to cherish.

CandleLight Studio has been recording memories for over 20 years. Whether it is a traditional Indian wedding or a modern Western wedding, our photographers and video producers are unmatched and highly detail-oriented. CandleLight Studio has captured memories that last a lifetime, and we have the portfolio to prove it.

Keeping your wedding within its budget is important, and photography is no different. Our affordable wedding packages are value-priced, with options to choose the package that offers the most value for your price range.

CandleLight Studio photographers will immortalize your once-in-a-lifetime moment so you can relive your wedding day in detail forever. We promise you’re going to love Candlelight Studio!

Photographer Surinder Singh NYC
Photographer Surinder Singh New York City

Surinder Singh is a professional wedding photographer capturing tying the knot moments for couples of various nationalities and religious backgrounds for over 20 years.

Certified by the American Wedding Group, Photographer Surinder Singh is culturally sensitive and has an eye for detail and a passion for capturing rich wedding traditions.

The Best South Asian Wedding Photography and Videography

South Indian Wedding Photography Timeless Images
Picturesque Moments of South Indian Wedding Photography

South Indian Wedding Photography by Engagement Photographers

Indian Wedding Photographers in Forest Hill NY

South Indian Wedding Photography and Videography Services by Candlelight Studio

South Indian weddings are colorful, thriving with life and love. South India consists of many regions, including Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kerala, Kannada, etc. Every wedding has a different color, different rituals, unique customs, and traditions. But there is one thing in common, and that is unconditional happiness.

We specialize in South Indian marriage photography and videography. Our photographers and videographers will document the fun moments of Mangala Snanam, Kashi Yatra, Subha Bhojan, and all that happens during the ceremony.

Candlelight Studio will capture profound moments of your auspicious ceremony, including Muhurtham, Gori Puja, Pada Puja, Kayadanam, and Saptapadi. Our cameras just grab the slick look of Veshti and lavish Kanjeevaram in equal parts. Our videographers imbibe the sweet noise of Nadaswaram and mridangam.

Now think, how can you miss us as your friendly and familiar wedding photographer and videographer! We’re just a call away.

Indian Videographers in Philadelphia Area

Gorgeous Bangladeshi Wedding Photography
Every spontaneous aspect at Bangladeshi Wedding Photography

CandleLight Studio NYC for Bangladeshi Wedding Photography

Indian Wedding Videographers in Great Neck NY

Bangladeshi Wedding Photography and Videography by CandleLight Studio

Bangladeshi Weddings are warm and beautiful, filled with sparkles and happiness. Here at Candlelight Studio, professional photographer Surinder Singh and his associate team of Indian photographers are well-acquainted with the Bangladeshi culture. We know that Bangladeshi Weddings are vibrant and posh, filled with color and excitement.

Everyone is dressed gorgeously for the special occasion, especially women. There is laughter and tears. And what better way is there to capture all this than photography and videography? For us, a Bengali Muslim wedding means time to capture the glory of a unique bridal dress at the Nikkah. We also never forget catching joyous moments when the bride and groom share a drink from the same glass after the Nikaah.

Bangladeshi marriage ceremonies are enchanting with so much grandeur and excitement. We know about the delicious foods and the chaotic music, cheerful and emotional moments. And we’re ready to capture it all. At CandleLight Studio, we offer various wedding photography packages at reasonable cost prices.

Best Indian Photographers in Queens NY

Guyanese Wedding Photography and Videos Ozone Park NY
Creating Your New Memories at Guyanese Wedding Photography

New York Photographers Guyanese Wedding Photography in NY

Indian Wedding Photography in Hicksville NY

Guyanese wedding photography and videography by CandleLight Studio

Guyanese weddings are gorgeous, showing vibrant colors and unique traditional rituals. They are very similar to Indian Hindu weddings except for a few differences in traditions. We are in love with Guyanese wedding photography.

Guyanese weddings have many sentimental ceremonies that almost every family member performs. The bride and groom stay in the spotlight, but everyone else also has crucial roles to play in the wedding. Many smiles and tears are shared, and all in all, many joyous memories are made. The only way to immortalize such a beautiful ceremony is to hold them within photo frames and video reels.

Guyanese weddings differ based on religion. Hindu Guyanese weddings have Matikor rituals, Haldi, Mehendi, Sangeet, and all such ceremonies. Muslim Guyanese weddings have Nikah, while Christian Guyanese weddings usually occur in churches and follow Christian practices. Candlelight Studio photographers have enough experience in Muslim wedding photography, Guyanese wedding photography, and Christian wedding photography. CandleLight Photography Studio is ready to help.

Indian Videographers in Queens Village NY

The Best Indian Wedding Photography Near Me for My Ceremony

Creative Maharashtrian Wedding Photography
We take pride in capturing Maharashtrian Wedding Photography

Maharashtrian Wedding Photography in Central Park NYC

Indian Wedding Photographers in Houston TX

Maharashtrian Wedding Photography and Videography Services by Candlelight Studio

“Simple is beautiful” is undoubtedly the main motto of Maharashtrian weddings, and it’s very accurate as well. Most Indian weddings take place with a lot of pomp and splendor.

However, we have found Marathi or Maharashtrian marriages classically simple, traditional, yet cheerful.

The most typical scenes we captured were during Gaurihar Puja when the bride dressed in a yellow dress and wore a Mundavalya (a pearl string) tied across her forehead. We grabbed joyous moments of Halad Chadavane when the bride’s face was rubbed with turmeric paste (Haldi).

Our favorite scene always occurs during Sankalp Ritual when the silk shawl uncovers the bride’s face. Similarly, we’ve captured the most emotional fathers during the Kanyadan ritual giving away their daughter’s hand to the groom.

Call us today, and we will make your Maharashtrian wedding ceremony immemorial.

Indian Photographer in Richmond Hill NY

We photograph your Gujarati Wedding Photography
A Lifetime of Memories at Gujarati Wedding Photography

Gujarati Wedding Photography by Engagement Photographer NJ

The Best Indian Wedding Photography in PA

Gujarati Wedding Photography and Videography Services by Candlelight Studio

Gujarati weddings are colorful traditions with lots of rituals and customs. Gujrati people love extravagance and grandeur, which reflects in their wedding ceremonies. Gujarati pre-wedding ceremonies like Mehdi, Pithi, Garba, and Sangit Sandhya become the moments of memorizing joys.

We enjoy Gujrati weddings and love to capture the nuances of the fantastic culture of the people of Gujrat through their marriages. Everything starting from the pre-wedding rituals to post-wedding functions, you can count on us to cover it all. First, our engagement photographers will perfectly capture your Gol Dhana or Sagai ceremony. Then we will cover the devotion displayed in the Ganesh Matli, the Griha Shanti puja to the planets and stars, the beautiful henna designs on the women’s hands during Mehendi, and the great music and dances during Sangeet.

We have extensive knowledge about all kinds of Gujrati wedding rituals. Contact Candlelight Studio today and let us take the responsibility of immortalizing your wedding day.

Indian Videographer in Staten Island NY

Classic Afghani Wedding Photography
We will use The Best Afghani Wedding Photography Style

Afghani Wedding Photography by Brooklyn Wedding Photographers

Indian Wedding Videos in Jackson Heights NY

Afghani Wedding Photography and Videography Services by Candlelight Studio

In Afghani weddings, the bride and groom are treated like the Queen and King of the day. The celebrations are grand yet straightforward, the moments are filled with warmth, and happiness floats in the air. Here at Candlelight Studio, we pride ourselves on enough knowledge about Afghani wedding photography and videography. With an exceptional eye for detail, we can capture your wedding in the most discreet way.

Our photographers are experts at Afghani Wedding photography and Muslim Wedding photography.

By being familiar with different wedding cultures, traditions, and rituals, we can capture every little moment precisely and accurately. We offer many packages for you to choose from according to your needs and budget. Our shooting style can adjust to any weddings centering around different cultures.

As we love to say, “You take the vows, we take the photos.” For booking your events, please call today, and we will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

The Best Indian Videographers in Texas

Best Wedding Photography and Videography of Indian Weddings

Traditional photography by Indian Wedding Photographers New Jersey NJ
Moment Frozen by Indian Wedding Photographers New Jersey NJ

Portrait Photos by Indian Wedding Photographers New Jersey NJ

Indian Wedding Photographers in Jamaica NY

Indian Wedding Photographers and Videographers in New Jersey, NJ

Welcome to Candlelight Studio. We are a team of Indian Wedding Photographers and Indian wedding videographers. We offer a wide range of wedding photography and videography services of the best quality. With over 20 years of experience in this field, we have covered more than a thousand weddings of a diverse set of religions and nationalities.

At Candlelight Studio, we capture the story of your event with attention to every detail. We guide you through each step of the way with our expert ideas.

Our photographers are a pleasure to work with and understand that photographs are the lasting memory of your wedding. We know precisely how to catch all those hidden moments on your big day. Many of our clients have shared with us raving about their experience with CandleLight Studio. Contact Us Today for Appointments!

Top Indian Photographer in Upstate NY

Romantic Nepali Wedding Photography
Nepali Wedding Photography is our Specialty

Hire Indian Photographer for Best Nepali Wedding Photography

Indian Wedding Videographers in Jersey City

Nepali Wedding Photography and Videography by CandleLight Studio

Candlelight Studio’s team of wedding cinematographers and photographers are pros at Nepali wedding photography. If you are looking for Indian Photographers in New York, you have already found them. Our service also stretches up to New Jersey, Houston, Texas, and many other surrounding areas. We further have customized packages to fit your needs.

All you have to do is choose a package and give us a call for a 5% discount. And we will be right there at your Nepali wedding with all our professional equipment, ready to make your Big Day memorable forever. In a country as diverse as America, we will make sure your Nepali descent stands out from the rest. Your wedding is unique to you, and it is special to us as well. You will see the love and romance in the air reflect on the photos of your Nepali marriage ceremony.

Indian Photographers West Chester County

Classic Photography by Indian Wedding Photographers Houston TX
Outstanding Portfolio Indian Wedding Photographers Houston TX

Indian Wedding Photographers Near Me in Houston, Texas (TX)

Indian Wedding Photographers Kew Gardens NY

Affordable wedding photographers near me in Houston, Texas TX

Candlelight Studio has everything you should look at while making your mind for your wedding photography and videography services. Now, what makes these special moments stay forever? It is the creative wedding photography that helps attain the goal of remaining alive in the memories forever.

None of the artistic wedding photography can come close to your dream cinematic styles like we can say for the Candlelight Studio with affordable wedding photography. It doesn’t matter if it is Bangladeshi wedding photography or Afghani wedding photography. Just rest the matter of capturing your best candid shots on your big day upon us and see the magic of our associate teams. Candlelight Studio knows how to capture bridal party portrait sessions at Indian wedding photography. Call us today to discuss our wedding photography and videography prices and packages for your big day.

Top Indian Photographers in Westbury NY

Indian Photographer for Wedding Photography and Videography

You and your partner work hard to earn for the lovely, picturesque moments of this day. Call us today and CandleLight will tell the story of your special day.

Posed and Candid Shots at American Wedding Photography
We take Artistic Images at American Wedding Photography

American Wedding Photography by NYC Wedding Photographers

Pre-wedding and Engagement Photography

Local Wedding Photography and Videography services near me

Candlelight photography gives you the luxury of enjoying each arrangement of your wedding. We know that you have worked hard on everything, from dress to décor, food to the guest list, jewelry, and dances. So why compromise on preserving all those things in one book, your wedding photography book. This very thing will let you commemorate yourself for making the right choices at your wedding because it will bring shine to everything

So far, we have served couples from a variety of ethnicity. We are all aware that our land comprises not just of one or two but many ethnicities. The variation is the beauty of the region. We all live in peace and harmony together, although we all share different cultures. The actual depiction of any culture is in their marriage ceremony. Or we can say that the presentation of culture is impossible without showing the customs of marriage.

Engagement Photographers in Long Island

Event Photography Videography by CandleLight Studio
Event Photography Videography by CandleLight Studio

The Best Event Photography Videography in NY, NJ, and Texas

Pakistani Wedding Photographers Near Me

Affordable Event photographers and videographers for perfect shots on every occasion.

Event photography service- Add fun to your photoshoot. Hiring the best event photographers in NYC is the most intelligent decision. Make your day special with our perfect shots on every occasion.
Photography is a fantastic art of observing every minute detail. But, without learning the secrets and real art, there is a chance of missing important moments. It is especially true when you are photographing a big event with the hustle and bustle of several guests. So, never try to manage the event photography on your own.

We are professional event photographers taking candid shots of the best moments. Our approach is spontaneous. That’s why we are successful in identifying candid moments. We have served clients in several events, from local weddings, Destination weddings to graduation ceremonies. Hire us for a seamless photography session. We will make the process stress-free.

Long Island Pakistani Wedding Photography

South Asian Brides Best Photo Sessions
Emotion, Mood, and Memories of South Asian Brides

The 100 Best Portraits of South Asian Brides and Grooms

Long Island Wedding Photographers

South Asian wedding photography and videography services by CandleLight Studio

Surinder Singh is a recognized name in the world of Indian Wedding photography. He is professionally trained and specializes in shooting weddings for South Asian brides, grooms, and their families as a union.

CandleLight Studio specializes in South Asian Wedding Photography with a creative, playful, and unconventional approach to weddings. Wedding photography with a classic, romantic, creative, and timeless design. We work with you to create your perfect wedding day timeline so you can relax, knowing nothing will be missed.

Traditional wedding photography style depicts rituals, values, customs, and unique styles of each community are the best way to do so. This style is especially important for Asian weddings since many Asians in America still uphold their cultural values in their wedding.

Best Indian Photographers in Long Island, NY

Classic Albums by Wedding Photographers Videographers NYC

Capturing the natural excitement and fun of your wedding day is a task you should entrust only to a photographer as experienced and understanding as our team.

Best Pre-wedding Engagement Photography
Photographers for Pre-wedding and Engagement Photography

Pre-wedding Engagement Photography by Indian Photographers

Indian Wedding Photography in NY

A professional wedding photographer assures you quality, artistic images that will last a lifetime. A good wedding photographer will work with you to ensure that your day and the moments are captured unobtrusively. They will also help you make sure the wedding party gets where they need to be on time and set up correctly.

A good wedding photographer will also be aware of all the essential rituals of the day. They are never a distraction from what is so necessary at this moment and will get those sequences right.

It’s not like anybody can point a camera and start taking photos. It would be best to hire a professional who spends time with his clients to learn what they are looking for at their engagement photo sessions and rehearsals. He also takes time to style “the photo.” They arrange lighting to achieve a specific look that will capture the emotion of the moment.

At CandleLight Studio, we offer various wedding photography packages at reasonable cost prices. Are you looking for custom wedding albums, slideshows, videography, or anything else? CandleLight Studio is ready to help.

Indian Wedding Videography in NY

Pakistani Wedding Photography in Long Island
Best Pakistani Wedding Photography Near Me

Photographers Near Me for Pakistani Wedding Photography

Indian Wedding Photography in NJ

Pakistani Wedding Photographers Near Me for My Nikah Photography and Videography

Pakistanis love to enjoy their regional traditions and marriage rituals entirely within their religious boundaries. It is where we come into the picture. We know the glory of Pakistani Muslim weddings and capture moments, fun, colors, food, & music to cherish for a lifetime.

We gracefully capture the joyous and emotional moments of Nikkah and Valima Ceremonies. Our portfolio is rich with Urdu-speaking Pakistani Muslim weddings, Baloch weddings, Punjabi Muslim weddings, Pashtun Muslim weddings, Pahari Muslim weddings, and Sindhi Muslim weddings.

CandleLight Studio professional photographers provide Pakistani wedding photography and videography services in New York, New Jersey, and Houston, TX. For Nikah and Walima photos and videos, please call CandleLight Studio. We turn all the little and big moments into life-long memories that you can recall, share, and preserve from generation to generation. Capturing your Pakistani wedding photography is our passion.

Indian Wedding Videography in NJ

Wedding Photographers in Long Island NY
Best Indian Wedding Photographers in Long Island, NY

CandleLight Studio | Wedding Photographers in Long Island NY

Indian Wedding Photography in TX

Why hire professional photographers and videographers for your wedding?

A perfect day deserves the ideal photos. There is a saying among photographers that, “If I do my job properly, you will never notice me there.” That’s how it should be.

Professional Photographers think like artists and create amazing images. That’s what makes them professionals, and that’s what separates the pros from the amateurs. Working with a professional photographer allows you to relax and enjoy your wedding day with your family and friends. Wedding photographers guide you through creating your best wedding photos ever.

CandleLight Studio specializes in creating a masterpiece of your wedding ceremony, exchanging vows, cutting the wedding cake, and all those great moments that happen on your big day. Hiring a professional photographer is your guarantee that your photos will wow your friends and family. A professional photographer can seize all the details of your day to ensure you have the most beautiful memories to cherish forever.

Indian Wedding Videography in TX

Engagement Photography by Indian Desi Wedding Photographers

Indian Wedding Videographers USA
Indian Desi Wedding Videographers in the USA

Ariel photography by Indian Wedding Photographers Near Me

A professional photographer is more than just a picture-taker.

Your wedding photos will be memories of your lifetime. The still images are frozen in time that allows you and your family and friends to re-live the joy and happiness of your special day for years to come. Professional photographers have the experience, the lighting equipment, and all the necessary technical skills to use their cameras to their full potential in any situation. They know how to get everything they can out of each photo opportunity at any time throughout the day without missing a single shot.

Best Photographers for Indian Wedding Photography Near Me

Afghani Wedding Photographer for Bridal Pictures
Afghani Wedding Photographer for Bridal Photo Session

Top Indian wedding photography Near Me for Engagement Photos

The right photographer can capture the moments that turn your day into a lifetime of memories.

Our wedding photography services will bring the love of your union and preserve the memories you are making on one of the most important days of your lives. We will ensure those moments are captured beautifully, showing all your guests what an incredible time they had. And now you can hire a photographer online from our simple-to-use website. Our team brings a fresh perspective to wedding photography in all styles, from international weddings to blending religious ceremonies.

Best Videographers for Indian Wedding Videography Near Me

Afghani Wedding Photography and Videos
Afghani Wedding Photography and Nikkah Pictures

Best Videography by Indian Wedding Photographers Near Me USA

Some of the benefits of hiring a professional photographer and videographer:

Let a professional photographer capture your big day when it comes to your wedding photos, every detail matters. Our photographers use professional cameras and the latest photo editing software. We can ensure that all of your important moments are captured perfectly. We work with you to create the package that provides you with the highest quality pictures and the most outstanding value for money. Whether your wedding is in the church or on the beach, we have the experience needed to capture and preserve all those special moments.

Best Photographer for South Asian Indian Weddings Near Me

Why do Brides and Grooms and Couples Love Our Services?

What Differentiates Us from Other Wedding Photographers?

Here is how we differ from other wedding photographers:

We Only Shoot One Wedding:
Our philosophy is simple: we only shoot one wedding at a time. You will have the most personable, talented, and dedicated team capturing your day. Shooting one wedding allows us to spend more time with you on your wedding day. And you get unparalleled access to our lead photographer and videographer.

Bride and Groom Photos NYC
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The quality of your memories is the most valuable souvenir from your wedding. You will distinctly remember your special day and a moment you will truly treasure forever. The magic you will feel from the Candlelight Studio’s photography cannot compare to any other.

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Professional photographers spend years learning the art of lighting and composition so that they can make all of the important moments of your life look beautiful forever. They understand color theory and read lighting to help them capture the feelings you have on the best day of your life. A high-end camera allows them to make those colors richer and those lights brighter to bring out every detail and control the depth-of-field.

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Candlelight Studio was founded in 2000 in New York and has captured beautiful moments since its inception. We pride ourselves on connecting the dots and creating a story worth telling and seeing through photos and videos.

We provide Photography, Cinematography, and 4K Videography services for Weddings in and around New York, New Jersey, Houston, Texas, and surrounding areas.

We know that there are brides from different cultures and traditions. We have covered a wide repertoire of weddings from American, Jewish, and Latino weddings to Indian, Pakistani, Guyanese, Bangladeshi, and a variety of others.

Candlelight Studio ensures that we deliver only the best service and ensure that you are included and engaged with your audience and your story.

Wedding Photographers for Photography and Cinematography in New York City, New Jersey, and Houston, Texas

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Candlelight photography studio offers the unique experience of preserving memorable moments of your special day with love and passion. We have been in business for over 20 years, serving thousands of couples who have trusted us for their wedding day. Comments about CandleLight by the recently married couple – The Indian wedding photography near me gave us memories that we will cherish for the rest of our life.

CandleLight Photography Studio

At CandleLight Studio, we offer various wedding photography packages at reasonable cost prices. Are you looking for custom wedding albums, slideshows, videography, or anything else? CandleLight Studio is ready to help. Capturing the natural excitement and fun of your wedding day is a task you should entrust only to a photographer as experienced and understanding as our team.

If you are looking for photographers near me, our team has you covered. Finding the ideal wedding photographer near me is a matter of a comprehensive search coupled with an idea of what your wedding events will be and how you would like them to be portrayed. Indian wedding photographers and videographers will accurately and completely portray not only your beautiful events but your joy.

Post Production Can Make a Good Photograph Great. In addition, of course, to the actual photography and videography, is the editing. In a situation with less-than-ideal lighting, during a spontaneous moment, a photograph may not be clear, but good editing can make a good photograph great. Our Wedding Cinematographers are experienced in Cinematography and Post Production.

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We Indian Wedding Photographers and Videographers use the latest gadgets and cameras to take pictures and videos so they will always be clear, crisp, and with everlasting colors. Our goal is to provide you with the best customer experience with our friendly team.